Vodni transport robe

Maritime transport

Our company is engaged in the organization of transport of goods and provides logistical support in terms of all types of water transport, river, maritime and oceanic. Efficient transport of goods by water transport requires the inclusion of other forms of traffic. Beside reliable, efficient and quality transportation of goods by water transport, we can also offer you finding of adequate route to transport a certain amount of goods from the place of loading to the final destination.

Within our service we provide:

Vodni saobraćaj se pokazao kao izuzetno efikasan kada je reč o prevozu robe velike količine. Ukoliko ste se odlučili da se vaša roba transportuje ovim vidom saobraćaja, naša kompanija Vam stoji na raspolaganju za svu logističku podršku.
  • Packaging, loading and unloading of goods
  • Efficient and safe transport of goods to the port
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Arranging transport with rail operators
  • Planning the shortest route for transporting goods
  • Tracking the movement of goods to a specific destination

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Our fleet is equipped with trucks, vans and other smaller vehicles, necessary for safe transport of goods to the port.

For many years we have been recording quality in the services of transportation of goods and organization of its transportation by water. We have achieved exceptional business cooperation with various foreign operators, in order to fulfill all client requirements.

We are familiar with all the procedures regarding transportation, necessary documentation, customs procedures, as well as the costs associated with the transport of goods.

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