About us

About us

Transportation organization in general requires coping with a number of stressful situations for each individual, both organizational and formal.

The key to solving these problems is the TRUST between the owner of the shipment and the company which takes responsibility for the delivery.

Practice has shown that direct transport implementers (owners of vehicles) often abuse the client’s trust in the personal interest and charge inappropriate amounts for the service performed because each transport request is a story in itself. Often they cannot respond in the best way because their resources are limited and dislocated in relation to the client’s needs.

This is especially true in today’s conditions when the price of transportation directly influences the user whether the realization will happen.

That is why we have built the LOGISTIC HOUSE to organize, on your behalf and for your benefit, all types of transportation at the best price and quality of service with legal guarantees for the delivery of the shipment.

We work exclusively with proven agents and vehicle owners who compete directly in price and quality to respond to your request.

We know that the best advertisement is a satisfied customer and there is no better one.

Your shipment is in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. EACH TIME…

As someone who deals with these issues on a daily basis, we are aware of tariffs and circumstances that affect the price and quality of service. The number of transport providers we have worked with is large enough to know which carriers we can rely on, all with the aim of providing you with the best and most affordable service.

Often in our company it is said that our business is a job with thousands of details, of which maybe none by itself does not seem important enough to cause serious problems. However, many companies that have lost very lucrative contracts, or sometimes even failed because of problems stemming from delays, errors or transportation problems. Our task is to address all these issues for you.

Contact us and give us the opportunity to earn your trust.

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