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Road transport

Road freight transport is organized throughout Europe and beyond, while for further destinations we recommend combined freight transport, whether by water, rail or air freight. Road freight transport is also one of the most common transport services we provide to our customers.

We offer you security and a guarantee regarding the transport of your goods. We strive to fulfill all your requirements and our services are available to you seven days a week.

Road freight transport may be:

Direct transport of goods

Direct transport of goods is characterized by high quality of transport and reliability of door-to-door delivery. It is very suitable for carrying small quantities of goods over short distances of 200 km.

Combined transport of goods

Combined goods transport is intended for clients who wish to transport their goods to longer distances and other continents. In addition to road freight transport, which we can say is a basic part of combined transport, we can also offer the transport of goods by boat, plane or rail.

With each client request, we search for more options to get the best combination shipping cost.

Groupage transport of goods

Groupage transport of goods can be singled out as the most favorable option for the transport of goods in the territory of Serbia and countries in the region. Groupage transportation is a great solution if you have goods for transport that do not take up the entire space in the truck. In this case, you can only lease a part of the cargo space and share the transport with other clients. This gives you a good freight rate and quality and fast delivery.

Additional services

In addition to road transport, we can offer you additional services that can be used by you:

  • Packaging and protection of goods from damage
  • Cargo insurance
  • Loading and unloading
  • Storage of goods in any part of the transportation process, for a shorter or longer period
  • Full logistics support
  • Obtaining complete documentation for international transport and forwarding services
  • Preparation of complete customs documentation

Rolling stock

Our fleet is equipped with trucks that have all the necessary permits for domestic and international transportation, which are available to you depending on the amount and the amount of goods you transport. In accordance with the development of modern technologies, we have equipped all our vehicles and aligned with the requirements of our customers. GPS devices are essential to keep track of the status of your goods. Part of our company are experienced people with years of experience in their business who will endeavor to fulfill all your requirements. We also have ADR certificates for the transport of dangerous goods. If you require the transport of perishable goods and other goods, which must be at the same constant temperature during transport, we can also offer transportation to refrigerators and specialized vehicles in order to deliver the goods in the same condition as they were at the beginning of transport.

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